Know Your Options For Oregon Beach Vacations!

oregon beach vacationOregon is a diverse and beautiful state that offers beach-loving tourists multiple options for their vacationing wishes. The Oregon Coast is a unique region, known for its large, sandy beaches and progressive take on the traditional beach vacation. Most regions of Oregon are accessible via public transit, however, you will want to confirm this prior to planning a vacation without a car rental.

Luckily, Oregon boasts a wide variety of specialized accommodations, from sustainable travel lodges to ecologically-friendly hiking options. Spa options are also popular among those who love to pamper their inner royalty, while summer fishing is often sought after by sporty people looking to relax.

With all of these options, where do you go to make the most of the Oregon Coast?

Astoria – For Love of History

Astoria is a beautiful port city nestled alongside the Columbia River. The area prides itself on its Victorian-era architecture, making it a visually-appealing city for those who want to temporarily escape the troubles of modern life. Astoria is a small city, so you will be sure to find peace there. For a fascinating day-trip, be certain to drop by the Oregon Film Museum at 732 Duane Street. Note that scenic Astoria is located approximately two hours away from Portland International Airport, which may be a heavy consideration for travelers from out of state.

Lincoln City – Family-Friendly Entertainment

Lincoln City is an excellent destination for families due to its close proximity to major Oregon Coast tourist attractions. Furthermore, Lincoln City has a wonderful public beach, making for free family entertainment without fuss. Those who choose to do without a rental car may seek out a family-sized suite in one of the many accommodations within walking distance of the beach. Devils Lake offers a well-groomed recreation area where families can enjoy kayak tours of the lake. If the above hasn’t convinced you, also know that Lincoln City has a massive presence of local restaurants.

Florence – A Nature-Lover’s Paradise

Florence is located centrally along the Oregon Coast. The town has a long, robust history and maintains its charm with ease. There are a number of fascinating local businesses, making this destination an ideal spot for vacationers. However, the thing that gives Florence its advance is its plentiful outdoor recreational activities. You will find plentiful campground in this region. Furthermore, you can even arrange clamming and crabbing expeditions  to get a taste of the sea for yourself.

What Else Should You Consider?

Timing is everything with vacationing. While Oregon’s best weather usually shines during the summertime, you can enjoy a steep discount if you opt for the fall instead. While Oregon Coast prides itself on its pristine beaches, you will not lack options for indoor activities.

As you can see, Oregon has everything to offer a vacationer seeking a new place to explore. You will be able to enjoy everything from bountiful nature to unique shopping experiences. For further information on booking a vacation along the Oregon Coast, contact a vacationing agency or enlist the help of a travel-savvy friend.